Lying at the northern tip of Kerala bounded by the Western ghats in the eastern and Arabian sea in the west; twelve rivers flowing across its terrain,Kasaragod is an enchanting beauty of natures creations. Forts,revers,hillocks,beaches,shrines,natural greenness,seven plus languages, blessed land of cross-cultures,our Kasaragod, Kerala

The only independent news portal of its kind,haqnewsdubai.com,hailing from the same sacred soil of Kasaragod!Than any of the newspaper across the south canara,or Malabar(Kannur,Kasaragod) can claim;haqnewsdubai.com holds the spearhead to enlighten its readers or wievers with all those local and state wide news from immediate neighborhood to the limits of Malabar or Dakshina kannada!

More than the information from world-wide,we will be normally inclined to know the events or happenings in the nearby locality;,and for the NRIs of gulf countries, this news site is life sustaining! We bet against any district of kerala ,or any district from any state of india will be having a complete-comprehended regional news-space like haqnewsdubai.com

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